EARLI 2017

August 29th - September 2nd 2017

JURE Pre-Conference

August 27th - August 28th 2017

The JURE (Junior Researchers of EARLI) pre-conference precedes the EARLI 2017 conference and will take place at the same venue.
We would like to encourage you to share your research with the JURE community to:

  • Receive feedback from your peers on your presentation
  • Discuss your research with renowned international experts in the field of learning and instruction
  • Be part of a dynamic and growing network of young researchers.

The JURE pre-conference also offers a wide range of interesting workshops lead by renown researchers on a variety of topics.

More information on the JURE 2017 pre-conference can be found here.

EARLI 2017

August 29th - September 2nd 2017

Education in the crossroads of economy and politics – Role of research in the advancement of public good.

The 17th Biennial conference of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) is taking place in Tampere, Finland and will be hosted by the University of Tampere.

Education is struggling between the tensions and forces from economy, politics, media and scientific reaserch. Against the backdrop of the economic situation in Europe, public funding for education is decreasing in many countries. This creates a situation in which politicians tend to initiate programmes that attract media attention in order to guarantee the continuation of their political careers. The role of research in advancing education is being challenged as are the funding opportunities for educational and psychological research.

What is research about, how to combine theory and practice, and how to convince the general public and policy makers of the myriad strengths educational and psychological research have to offer to the advancement of well-being and public good?

We warmly encourage participants to present results and ideas to increase the impact of research in the political and societal decision-makers.

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Important Dates

If you are interested in participating in and attending the conference, be sure to mark the following dates in your calendar:

  • Thursday October 27th 2016
    Abstract submission deadline
  • January 2017
    Conference registrations open
  • January 31st 2017
    Abstract Review
  • April 4th 2017
    Early-bird registration deadline
  • April 25th 2017
    Presenter registration deadline
  • May 2017
    Conference programme available online
  • August 29th – September 2nd 2017
    17th Biennial EARLI conference


Dr. Cornelis De Brabander

Leiden University (NL)

A Unified Model of Task-Specific Motivation

Prof. David Gijbels

University of Antwerp (BE)

Student Learning in Higher Education and Beyond

Prof. Allyson Hadwin

University of Victoria (CA)

Promoting adaptive regulation: Progress, challenges and possibilities

Prof. Dr. Kari Smith

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NO)

Moving Beyond Rhetoric: Building a Culture to Substantiate Research Based Teacher Education

Prof. Dr. Jouni Välijärvi

University of Jyväskylä (FI)

Changing Competence Needs and International Comparative Assessments

Prof. Dr. Tamara van Gog

Utrecht University (NL)

Eye Follow You: Effects of Gaze Cues on Learning


You can submit your proposal here.


Symposia provide an opportunity to present research on one topic, often from multiple perspectives, compiling a coherent set of papers for discussion. Symposia sessions are directed by a chair, involving four presenters and one discussant, from at least three different countries. We recommend that each individual submission is checked for its own quality and its relevance and coherence to the topic of the symposium prior to formal submission to EARLI 2017.

A symposium is scheduled for 90 minutes, allowing 15 minutes presentation time per speaker, ten minutes for the discussant, and 20 minutes for open discussion.

Paper sessions

Paper sessions are oral presentations of four papers, followed by a discussion with the audience. It is important that empirical papers have data and results, or they will not be accepted. Research that is at an earlier stage is very suitable for Round Table or Poster sessions. Theoretical papers, of course, are welcome.

Paper sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes. Four presenters are given 15 minutes presentation time followed by five minutes for questions. At the end of all presentations there is a 10-minute open discussion.

Poster sessions

Interactive poster sessions involve five or six posters, visually presenting research studies. A short oral presentation of about 5 minutes for each poster is given to an audience gathered as a group. After the authors’ brief presentation, an in-depth discussion between them and the audience follows. The poster sessions offer researchers the chance to present their work in a visual format and offer more opportunities for interaction and discussion.

Poster sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes, following the format above. Materials for fixing posters on the walls or poster boards will be provided.

Round table sessions

Round table sessions offer opportunities for a more discursive exploration of research issues. This may well involve discussion of work in progress. The presenters explain their research and research issue, and invite the participants to help to discuss emerging data or to solve a research issue or problem. Round table sessions will take place in seminar rooms with a board-room style table. Three to five presenters will explain and discuss their research one after another.

Round table sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes.

ICT Demonstrations

ICT Demonstrations allow presenters to display, explain and familiarise users with a potentially useful teaching or research tool or method. The presentation may include references to completed research, but the point of the session is to demonstrate the tool, not present the research for criticism. The audience may offer their viewpoints and share their experiences with similar tools or different tools for the same purpose.

ICT Demonstrations are scheduled for 90 minutes.


Workshops provide an opportunity to familiarise participants with some aspect of research or teaching practice, so that questioning and discussion are suitably informed. Learning-by-doing occupies most of the session, and any presentations are brief. Providing adequate time for reflective discussion is important.

Workshops are scheduled for 90 minutes.

Click here to view the EARLI 2017 submission guidelines.
In our FAQ an overview of the most common questions can be found.


Registration system will open in January 2017


Registration fees EARLI 2017

Early birdLate registration
Member in 2016 (JURE** or FULL) and 2017€395€495
Member in 2016 (JURE** or FULL), not yet in 2017 (membership fee for 2017 included)€490€590
Non-member in 2016, FULL member in 2017€470€570
Non-member 2016, non-member 2017 (membership fee for 2017 included)€565€665
JURE member** in 2017 + member in 2016 *(FULL OR JURE)€220€320
JURE member** in 2017 + non-member in 2016€265€365

Registration fees EARLI+JURE 2017

Early birdLate registration
Member in 2016 (JURE** or FULL) and 2017€465€565
Member in 2016 (JURE** or FULL), not yet in 2017 (membership fee for 2017 included)€560€660
Non-member in 2016, FULL member in 2017€540€640
Non-member 2016, non-member 2017 (membership fee for 2017 included)€635€735
JURE member** in 2017 + member in 2016 *(FULL OR JURE)€290€390
JURE member** in 2017 + non-member in 2016€335€435

* For junior researchers, a reduced EARLI membership fee is applicable (the JURE membership fee of € 35 instead of the FULL membership fee of € 95).

** To be considered as a JURE member, membership application through the EARLI office is required. It is not possible to become a JURE member through conference registration. 

The EARLI gala dinner is not included in the conference registration fee - all lunches, coffee breaks and the opening reception are

JURE Pre-conference 2017

Jure membersNon-JURE members
JURE pre-conference 2017€70€90

The JURE gala dinner is included in registration fee.


We are currently constructing a new website and this one-pager allows you to be informed of the most important information. Should you have any questions regarding the EARLI 2017 conference, please do contact us via info@earli.org or info@earli2017.org.

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